Modern Touches to Traditional Tastes

Modern Touches to Traditional Tastes



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Our Chef Fikret Aydoğdu

Our Chef

Chef Fikret Aydoğdu continues to combine his passion and love for his proficiency to offer his guests unique flavors with the same excitement he had when he opened his first restaurant with his brother Uğur Aydoğdu in 2017. Fiko has quickly become one of Istanbul’s and then Turkey’s favorite spots, thanks to the chef, and receives visitors from all around the world with its authentic tastes that break the mold. Fikret Aydoğdu continues the family trade with his experience and craftsmanship to create his dishes and renovates the traditional and familiar tastes with modern techniques and innovative touch. As one of Turkey’s most well-known, loved chefs with the most visitors, Fikret Aydoğdu continues to develop new techniques and always aims to offer the best in every dish.

Fikret Aydoğdu

- Chef



Our menu is inspired by the traditional legacy of Turkish cuisine and the creative spirit of freshness and is ready to serve you on our customers’ -both individuals and organizations- special days such as weddings, engagements, events, birthdays, expositions, seminars, cocktails and opening days.


Turkish cuisine is spread over a vast and multicultural location and brings different tastes from every corner to dazzle you with rich and traditional recipes improved by modern and elegant touches to fall in love with the recipes you already know and love. With our different cocktails and service style, we are introducing you to new and unique tastes.


You are invited to a place where people who are passionate about their work and value their palate and tables are prepared with fine details to accompany your elevated conversations.

Fiko Doha combines the grill concept with the comfortable restaurant mentality together in Qatar’s capital, where different cultures are blended together. Our restaurant offers unforgettable moments for those who want to experience traditional but modernized Turkish delicacies served in a modern but comfortable ambiance, accompanied by ethnic music. Our rich menu consists of mezze platters, desserts, meat and kebabs, soups, tava and lahmacuns baked in a stone oven, and soft drinks and other delicious Fiko dishes you cannot find anywhere else and you can try them all at our Doha franchise.


We care about what our guests and always try to improve our services through your wishes and needs. Do not hesitate to send us your thoughts, suggestions, wishes, and complaints about our services.


A: Barahat Msheireb Street, Building N 3, Zone N 3, Street N 835, Msheireb/Doha, Qatar

P: +974 7785 3668
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